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ShanTou Office
FL2HOUSE YULIN YUting Rd, Chenghai,Shantou,Guangdong,China
Tel: +86-754-85710999 Fax: +86-754-85855988 E-mail
Urumqi Office
Room 1607,Building 16,Kashgar International Hotel,No.419,Qiantangjiang Road,Urumqi,Xinjiang,China.
Tel: +86-991-5846966 Fax: +86-991-5848197 E-mail
Yiwu Office
ROOM 201,UNIT 10,No.85,Chengxinyiqu,Yiwu,Zhejiang,China
Tel: +86-579-85081167 85132557 Fax: +86-579-85132667
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